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We checked out of our luxury beachfront condo this morning and pointed the BMW North East for a two and half hour drive into Zululand.


We stopped along the way for... you guessed it, MEAT PIES! It's the one thing we love about Commonwealth Countries - you can get meat pies in all kinds of flavors. Today was a first for me - a spare rib meat pie - was good, not your typical steak and kidney or chicken and mushroom pie.


Our destination in Zululand is a place called DumaZulu, which is a traditional African village with a hotel right next door. A great way to experience the Zulu culture.


So for those of you expecting us to come to Africa and stay in a hut - well, now you have it!


Pictured above is our room for the next two nights! That's about as close to an African hut that you can get!

However, having said that, the inside is not too shabby! Satellite TV, large bathroom and air conditioning.

What's not to like?

Once we settled in and had a beer - hotel price for a beer was $2 - not bad as it is regarded as a fairly high end lodge, we headed off to the village for our Zulu experience. Now bear in mind that Wendy and myself have been here before 19 years ago to the same village so it was interesting for us to see the changes. For Gloria the Zulu experience is all new.
<<<< The entrance to the village

Making assegais (spears) and shields. Zulus are a warrior nation and known for their fierce fighting skills.

Here they are making pots and containers for food and water and demonstrating the animal skin married women have to wear.

Wendy learning how to balance a pot on her head! She did that last time we were here too, this time she did a much better job! Practice makes perfect!

Going inside a Zulu hut to see how they lived. No windows and wooden logs for pillows. Not quite the Ritz Carlton. Plus husband and wives have separate huts and the women were summoned for wifely duties by the man banging a stick on the ground! Try THAT today and see what happens!

These guys are making spears by heating and hammering.

Reminds me of Marc's sculpturing!

No trip to a Zulu village would be complete without a  visit to the local witch doctor!

Finally the best time - DRINKING ZULU BEER!! They prepare it by scraping off the scum on the top - very attractive!

Actually, it takes like crap! Hasn't got any better in 20 years!

Yeah, Gloria. Blowing on it like a hot cup of tea doesn't make it taste any better!

Junior Zulus learning how to fight with sticks.

Now it's time for the famous Zulu dancing!

Here is a 40 second video of the Zulu dance:




The night was topped off with a dinner that included chicken curry, pork chops, pasta, vegetables, cheese and crackers and dessert and a couple of $2 beers.


Welcome to Africa!

And finally...



Seen at Durban airport...

Yes, I agree.


I don't want my children moving their machinery either!

God knows what the little bastards would do with it!


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