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The goal today was to do the far west end of the island to explore Flinder's Chase National Park, about 100 mile drive to get there. First on the cards was a lighthouse (big surprise).

The drive went well until we arrived at the entrance road to the lighthouse. The road was only 25km (15 miles) so we figured no time at all to get there.

WRONG!!!  Those 15 miles contained the road to HELL! Corrugated dirt roads are very different to the packed clay dirt roads we had been driving on yesterday. It took us a FULL HOUR to drive 15 miles to the lighthouse. And to add insult to injury - the lighthouse was really nothing to write home about.  But wait! We are writing home about it!


The clouds make it look cool, but really a very boring lighthouse for a 2 hour bone shaking, teeth rattling drive.

Even the view and scrub brush was disappointing.   :(

The cannon fires every day at 12.30 PM. But not today.  Really?  We drive two hours on crap roads and NO CANNON SHOT!!?

So it was off to the next lighthouse, which was a HUGE improvement.

The view was phenomenal  too.  In the distance you will see Remarkable Rocks - more on that below!

This is Admiral's Arch.  Those dangly rocks are not stalactites, but petrified tree roots.  Photos do not do it justice.


Now it was time for the highlight of the day, The Remarkable Rocks.  Perched 200 feet above the crashing sea, they are a collection of enormous eroded granite boulders sitting atop a giant dome of lava, that has been shaped by the erosive forces of wind, sea spray and rain over some 500 million years.

Along the way, we did see some critters...

Crows but very different to ours. These guys made the strangest sounds, more like a cat than a crow.

New Zealand Fur Seals all over the place!  They are actually considered rare in New Zealand!

Two pups playing.  Age approximately 3-5 weeks.

Sleepy seal...

A wild Koala hanging out.  We were incredibly lucky to hear his "mating call" while passing by.  It's rather disturbing!

(Wendy's Note: As are most men's mating calls.  Just Sayin'!!)


And finally...

Nice of them to warn us about a product that takes between 10-50 years to have an effect working with it although when it does, it's pretty fatal!

I am pretty sure us walking by a building with asbestos in it is not in the slightest bit dangerous, but thanks for the warning anyway.

Nice to see they give us instructions on how to use the toilet.

The only other time we've seen this is in Asia and the Middle East.

Wendy's Note:  This was NOT posted in the ladies room.  Apparently we women already know how to use it properly.