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Day 1 Getting There | Day 2 Northern Island | Day 3 Londonderry to Galway | Day 4 Dingle | Day 5 Tralee to Tramore | Tramore to Dublin

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After a slap up full English breakfast it was time to hit the road back South to Ireland.

Once again we avoided the highways and took back country roads. Most tourists rush from tourist attraction to tourist attraction - we don't do that, we like to get a feel for the country.

Driving in the cities on this island SUCKS, there are too many cars for the number of streets and parking spots! Every town to the smallest village has a traffic problem, it's crazy. The country driving is WAY better...

So rolling hills, farms and more rolling hills with more quaint villages to drive through.

Then a quick visit to Donegan Castle

...and then to Classiebawn Castle

And then we landed up seeing exactly what low tide looks like in this part of Ireland and judging by the marks on the walls I'd say about a 20 foot tide swing. Sounds like fun...
Note how the sailboats are designed with twin or triple keels so they remain upright when the tide goes out.

We also stopped off to see W.B. Yeats grave stone at Drumcliff   -  one of Wendy's favorite poets.

Very pretty beaches - but wind swept and freezing cold!


Time to check into our Bed and Breakfast - that is our rented red Ford Fiesta in the middle. Nice car, small very needed here!


Dinner (aka FOOD COMA) at a local pub - Wendy having the roast beef and in my plate is a slow smoked ham hock basted in honey mustard! YUM!

And finally...


This car does NOT deserve to have the Mercedes emblem on it.


It looks just like a friggin' Kia!

REALLY???? Who would buy that?



In case you're wondering, it appears there is NO leash law OR poopy scoopy law here in Ireland. 



Photo omitted

(You can thank us when we get home.)