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Today we made our way further South heading down to see Cobh, a quaint port town and in fact the very last port of call The Titanic made before it sank.

This did involve another ferry ride across the River Lee as Cobh is on an island and there is only one bridge to the island. It was only EU6 this time.

Along the way we saw another bridge which was pretty cool so we stopped to take a picture and this is right before disaster struck!

On the extremely narrow road I hit the curb, which looked like grass but right below the grass were sharp rocks so we blew out the front tire completely. We took the insurance so no cost to us, but it left us with a problem...We cannot drive the car all the way back to Dublin on the spare which is a skinny wheel rated to max 45mph.

 So we had to find the closest Dooley Car Rental. Turns out we were only 10 miles from Cork Airport - that was a lucky break. Only they had no cars available and tire repair places are closed. Wendy did her usual tears and pitiful woe is me act and...

Lo and behold they instantly found us a Renault Megane, a car a lot bigger in a much higher classification than we had paid for! Free upgrade!

The car is diesel which saves us money as well. Only downside is that it had a six speed manual transmission and I have not driven a stick shift in 20 years. However, after a half hour on the road I was comfortable again driving a manual on the wrong side of the road.

Been fun, car has a lot of extras like heated seats, sport mode, on board computer, and it even warns you if you are even slightly in the wrong lane and tells you when to change gear up or down!

We finally arrived in Cobh

Seemingly whenever we get close to the sea in Ireland it is low tide. I am starting to think they don't have a high tide here!

Which is apparently a good time to paint the bottom of your boat!   >>>>>>>

They don't call them Police in Ireland - it's the Garda.


We went out to a local pub for dinner, Wendy had seafood Potato Pie and I the Rack of Lamb. With two beers only came to $40. Not bad.

And finally...

Sign at a Local Graveyard..


So is digging your own grave (or perhaps one for a loved one) such a big thing here, you need a warning sign????