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 DAY 22 - Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

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We drove into town to visit the local market.

With, or without legs?

I'll take the one staring at me.

That's ok, I got it. Eggs for the whole family.

I'll take that leg of rabbit and the 25 flies buzzing around it!

Old school sewing machine, means this stuff is MADE HERE, and not in China!

Or not!  Read the label on the upside down cardboard box!

Bananas here are a big deal - typically made a different billion ways as a dessert.

Then I hit the MOTHER LOAD!! See me smile!


The currency here is a Kyat. There are 1300 Kyat to 1 USD, just to make life a little more complicated. Now you gotta move the decimal 3 spaces and subtract 30%.

Here's another weird thing - there is a half hour time difference between the entire rest of Southeast Asia and Myanmar - which means the time difference between here and Florida is now 11 1/2 hours and not 12. Go figure!!

Myanmar has been the highlight of our trip - it was what we saw in Cambodia and wanted more of. No Westernization, just a wonderful, weird, beautiful culture that combines Cambodia, Egypt, China and adds it's own flavor!

This is the local bus - a pickup with or without a bench in the back but always a roof rack for your bags.

You can also hang on the back if the bus is full.

It's temple time again...

The biggest temple in Bagan. Built by an evil king in the 9th century who murdered his father and older brother so he could become King.

The whitest temple - actually originally they were all white, but over the years the stucco covering the red brick fell off. This one still has most of its 1000 year old stucco.

The most famous temple in Bagan.

A lot of the original artwork on the walls and ceilings were lost when some idiot (King or General) decided to paint over all of the artwork with lye first then white paint. They are trying to restore as much as they can.

Nope, this is not a matter of perspective - that tower is definitely leaning with the intent to fall!!

And some of these temples are pretty cool inside as well!  Each cubbie has a Buddah inside.

Many are staffed by monks - drinking tea, eating cake.  Looks like relaxing to me.

This Buddha is 31 feet tall, that is 3 storeys!!

And he is just one of many that are this size - this temple alone had 4.

Wendy got her face painted (albeit unwillingly) as is the local 2000 year old tradition called Thanaka. A recipe made from tree bark and something else that beautifies the skin and provides sunscreen protection.

We stopped for lunch at this place.

Note the SHWE (name of restaurant) spelled out in raw carrots in front of my "crispy" duck- I hate it when food talks back to you!

Then it was time to go on a horse cart ride.

And see more temples, everywhere. Too Amazing!

Not sure at all why these cattle carts are dressed up, but they sure looked pretty!

Time for a boat ride on the river.

Always plenty to see...

Your stock standard outboard engine, brings a new meaning to the term "long shaft".

Our captain.

We stopped at a local village - NOT a tourist in sight

Every house has a cow or two tied to it.

Traditional homes are made from bamboo

Love the wagon!

Just like Africa, everything is carried perfectly balanced on their head.

They even have a library!

And I bring you:


 by Wendy Longman Photography...



Here's a video of a young Burmese captain perfectly docking a boat in a strong cross current with no spare room - wonder if our captains could do this.


And finally... a trifecta for you today!


Just when you think our cultures are SOOOO different...

... you run into teenage girls glued to their phones!

Seems like nothing really changes!






You would think with no lip or barrier in the shower, the shower water would just go all over the bathroom.

And you know what?




What were they thinking?





Yeah, and I just KNOW this monk has a fifth of gin stashed away under his robe as well!!!