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After breakfast which was mediocre - they didn't even have scrambled eggs, just hard boiled - we headed out to see the city.

This is where we would normally take a hop-on hop-off bus. However, the main bus line in Prague had HORRIFIC reviews on Tripadvisor (not even one good review, every single one was either bad or terrible). As Prague downtown is small enough to walk we decided to do a free walking tour instead. Well, it's free but you are expected to tip the guide whatever you felt the tour was worth.

Here's who we went with:

It's a three hour tour and covers the highlights of downtown.

This is the famous Prague Astronomical Clock, it was built in 1410. Not only does it tell the time in a 24 hour clock but the month and season and position of earth around the sun. It is so accurate it has not been adjusted in 600 years.

This is the Old Town Square, just unbelievably beautiful. In the middle of the stunning buildings the square is a hive of activity, sidewalk cafes for coffee and beer, buskers performing all over, segway tours, street food vendors, you name it!

We also visited the Jewish area and synagogues.

Jewish graveyard - due to lack of space and Jewish law (you cannot disturb a grave) they lay more earth and bury on top - there are over 12 layers of gravestones as many as 12,000 buried here on top of each other, this graveyard is already 20 feet above street level.

We then went to New Town where you see old buildings alongside new ones.

And more buskers - this guy was making giant bubbles.

And finally finished up at the famous Charles bridge with a fantastic view of the Prague Castle. Great 3 hour walking tour with all the history thrown in - we tipped the guide $30 ($15 each).

Being right at the river when the walking tour ended we decided to take a river cruise - it's an hour long and costs $12 per person.

Prague is truly one of the most beautiful cities we have ever been to, and we have been to a lot of beautiful cities; Rio De Janeiro, Sydney, Cape Town, Auckland, Hong Kong, San Francisco, etc. But all of those cities relied on their environment for their beauty.

Not so for Prague, you can pick the city up and drop it in the dessert it will still be beautiful because it is about the architecture and how the city was built that makes it beautiful.

We decided to return to Old Town to have street food for dinner. Not the best choice price wise, because prices are double in Old Town, but still very affordable. Once you get 3 blocks away the prices drop by 50%.

However even in Old Town you can get a full street meal for less than $4 and a 500ml beer for $3. Outside our hotel 10 minutes away prices were less than half that, but who can refuse the view in Old Town?

The currency in Czech Republic is the Crown (CZK) and there are CZK21 to $1. So conversion is easy, drop one decimal and divide by two. CZK200 = $10.

So below, let us take you on a tour of exactly what you can buy on the street...

Slow roasted and cured ham. They carve off a huge hunk and dump it on a plate with a slice of bread - $4

Chimney cake - baked on hot coals - $3

Home made chips on a stick, several flavors

Pancake (crepes) cooked to order with a choice of many flavors and 18 inches in diameter! $3

Brats and Beer!

Bottle of wine - $6

Or take just a glass of wine - $1.50

Finally we walked back to our hotel after sunset and the city just lit up again...