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Day 9  - Prague Castle

Today is our last full day in Prague so it was time to go see the castle. It's a long way up on the hill so we took a Metro train and walked the last 15 minutes.

We bought a 24 hour pass on the Metro for $5 each which allows us to ride any underground train, tram or bus for 24 hours.

Prague Castle is the largest castle in the world. The first palace was built in the 12th century. More was added in the 15th century and it was finally finished in the 18th century.

The President of Czech Rep. still lives in the castle to this day.

Cathedral of St. Vitus and is located inside the castle.

The castle is built in Gothic, Neo Gothic and Baroque styles as it was built over a period of 600 years.

The view from the castle overlooking the peasants homes

The pathway up the hill to the castle

After the castle we then took a tram to the funicular which goes up the hill to an observation platform. The tower has 300 steps to the top. ARGH!

So we paid an extra $3 to use the elevator - my feet can go down but don't like going up.

We did however walk down instead of using our return elevator ticket.


The views from the top were amazing!

We then walked down to the Charles Bridge which is absolutely amazing. The bridge was built in 1357.

The reason Prague is so well preserved is because Hitler loved Prague so much he spared it in the war.  He intended retiring there and living in the castle, so very few bombs fell on Prague. In fact the only building damaged in the war was the old town hall.

There are many buskers on the bridge - musicians and artists playing for tips.

There are also thousands of "love locks" on the bridge!

The view from the bridge up a small side canal, note the 17th century mill wheel.

On the far side of the bridge.

As the sun sets, the view from the bridge just gets better!




It does the same exact thing as a house zoomba when it runs into the wall - reverses and goes in a different direction. Wouldn't work at my house, I'd have to fish it out of the canal every day!


Inside Cathedral of St. Vitus

(apologies for how blurry it is!!)

This is Wendy sharing a beer with you.  No, she wasn't drunk yet but got into some seriously, weird, creative photography moments today.

And finally... why is this kid sucking the toe of Saint John of Nepomuk??  Can't find this answer anywhere in Google or Wikipedia.

That is just unacceptable!


In the final analysis, no matter where in Prague you choose to walk around there is always something beautiful and interesting to see.

Tomorrow we leave and I'll send a final report when we get back to New York where we are spending the night before flying home to Florida.