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Our goal today was to head South from Galway to do the Dingle peninsula. This did involve a 200km (125 mile) drive and a ferry ride to get there.

Yes that is our little red Ford Bug in the middle on the ferry. Ferry ride was EU19 which is $22 one way for a 20 minute ride. Not cheap but saved us a long drive and considering that gas in Ireland is $6/gallon probably worth it!

Just in case you though we had strong currents in Gulf Harbors! That buoy looks like it's flying! Imagine a sailboat going against that current with full sails, you'd still be going backwards!

Yip, that is how narrow the road was - just enough for our mini-car to fit on and it was not a one way road!

And we saw lots of multi colored sheep! Farmers spray paint the critters different colors so they know who belongs to who, as they roam freely. Every farmer has his own set of colors. Dingle peninsula has over half a million sheep.

We saw "Bee Hive" homes that date from the Stone Age and were in use until 1200 AD.

And these sheep have the best view of all!

The road was definitely a little scary at times, especially when a large coach of tourists is traveling in the opposite direction and the road is only wide enough for two tiny cars to pass if you are lucky!

But you could not beat the views!


What more can I say that the pictures don't?

So I bought a bottle of Whiskey (only in Ireland can it be spelt with a "e") called Paddy's. Damn they pull the same crap here that they did in Australia. Not only is the bottle only 700ml (what? Not even 750ml?) but it is only 40% alcohol. Damn, these Irish are pussies! This bottle of whiskey cost me $30.00! Back home I can buy a 1.7 liter bottle of American blend whisky (with no "e") for $13.00. What the hell?

The view from the patio of our Bed and Breakfast.

We went out to dinner to a local pub and what a treat! I had the Seafood Mornay and Wendy had fish cakes!

And finally...

Yeah, they'll let any horse's ass onto a ferry!

Surf's up! HELL TO THE NO!! The water temp is 48 degrees why the hell would I want to spend $6 on renting a surf board to freeze my ass off?