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Yesterday - Day 11 - we woke up to rain and it rained the whole day non-stop.

Now this is not as disastrous as it sounds. You see, our personal guide had already been planning various hectic walks through the jungle for us and we didn't really want to go, we were tired and needed a day off, so the rain was a perfect excuse.

Didn't realize we would have our own personal tour guide who rode with us from the airport and all the way back again, took care of luggage, ate meals with us each day at our table and was basically at our beck and call - all included in the price, just had to add $3 a day/person in tips.

Plus it was beautiful hanging out in the lodge with the rain pouring down.

We walked around the lodge, drank beer, ate lunch and supper and watched movies on my laptop. That was our day so not too many pictures were taken.

Our hotel room above - note mosquito nets, VERY cozy once you drop them!


>>>>>And the bathroom on the right

The bar and restaurant

Wendy decided to get a henna tattoo from our personal travel guide. He wasn't very artistic but he made up for it with enthusiasm!


Wendy checking our more strange bugs we found.



>>>>> We ran out of the cigarettes that we had bought at duty free and had to buy local. A little cheaper than Florida but not that much. What is strange is that they only come in packets of 10. Look how tiny.


We got up at 6.30am to have breakfast and then walk 15 minutes down to the boat for our 45 minute ride downriver and then another 45 minute bus ride to the airport.

We then flew back to Lima arriving at 3PM

The view from our hotel room in Lima. The city is surprisingly clean, no garbage in the streets. We are in a hopping area with a restaurant on every corner and in-between.

For a late lunch we stopped by a cute bar and had 2 empanadas (like an English meat pie) and a beer each for lunch, less than $10.

The city does not look 3rd World by any means and is very busy. The only thing I noticed that for a city this big (30 million people!!) there are no overhead highways - just two lane traffic in each direction. It seemed like our driver today took so many turns down smaller streets than should be warranted to get to a busy city area where we are -  it's called "Mira Flores" and is close to the beach.

Another interesting observation - in most the Spanish speaking countries I have been to South of the USA, you always see para-military police toting machine guns around and looking menacing. NOT Peru! Most the cops we have seen have been unarmed and just directing traffic. Truly a peaceful country as far as I can tell!


For dinner we walked a few blocks down to a very modern grocery store and this is the haul we got for about $27.00

Bottle chardonnay 750ml

Bottle dark rum 1 L

Liter of peach juice (for rum)

2L water (can't drink the tap water)

Two bags of cabanossi sausage for snacks on bus tomorrow

Cheese, banana and grapes

Amazing Queso (Cheese)

2 flavors Empanada (meat pies) for dinner, beef for me and chicken & pineapple for Wendy

Can't beat it!

And finally....

How can you call it a rain forest unless it actually rains!!!