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Cusco viewed from above

At last! No getting up at 5.30am! We had the morning off to get caught up on (most importantly) sleep and travel blogs.

Our only commitment today was a city tour that started at 1.30pm. Driving through the city, the question we asked ourselves; is Peru a third world county?

Well the true definition of a Third World Country is a country that aligns themselves with communism (Wikipedia). However, over the years it became a stereotype to refer to poor countries as "third world countries". So instead, my lovely wife Wendy and I have come up with our own criteria to determine if a country is third world.  These standards are based upon what we believe are Western expectations of a livable country.

1. Can you drink the water? (Answer YES!!)

2. Can you flush paper down the toilet?  (Answer YES!!)

3. Is a substantial portion of buildings in any given area unpainted, unfinished to avoid taxation or has old plaster and paint peeling?  (Answer NO!!)

4. Are animals (domestic and/or farm) walking freely around the city streets? (Answer NO!!)

As Peru does not meet any of the above criteria we are labeling it as Third World!  (I believe Wendy has many friends from Peru reading this blog and I apologize with no offense intended, but isn't that why you live in the USA now??!!!)

We are staying in a small boutique hotel (25 rooms) in a quiet residential area about 15 minutes drive from city center. Very shabby chic and modern.

The rooms have no TV but each floor shares a communal area - the door you see is to our room.

The view from our window on the 3rd floor and you can see the smoking patio on the same level but to get to it we have to go down one flight and up another 2 flights.

The tour started with a visit to a cathedral in the downtown area. Very interesting to see the spin that Peruvians have put on Catholic classics.

Eating Guinea Pig is a delicacy in Peru. Here is a painting of the Last Supper and you can clearly see that Jesus and his Disciples are enjoying this fine rodent delicacy. I am not so sure that really happened!

We were then taken on a walk through the original Inca streets where many walks still remain as well as the Inca irrigation system. You can see on the left a channel running down the street. Inca constructed these canals so they fed water using gravity to every home in the city. Need water step out you door and scoop it up from the channel.

We then went to an Inca temple where much has been preserved and restored of the original walls.

Due to earthquakes, Incas developed a tapered or leaning wall system so their walls would support each other and not crumble.  Even today, their ancient building system is considered the strongest against any earthquake.

We then visited several other areas where the city's strong Inca past can be observed in old temples and structures. As mentioned Cusco was the Inca capital for many centuries before the Spanish arrived.

Our tour guide telling us about the Inca religion & archetecture.

A very large temple area

Part of the Inca irrigation system

Note the Inca "bricks" with volcanic rock in the background

It's time to have some fun with signs....  


Right outside our bedroom.  At least we don't have too go far to be safe.  But we're on the 3rd floor - that doesn't make me too happy if the big one comes.

WTF? The only thing I can think this means is:


 There are businessmen with briefcases grabbing little girls.

Apparently you are allowed to sit on any wall you like, except for Inca walls


Finally, this precious piece of art.


Found inside the public ladies restroom, it is clearly an instruction on how to properly use the toilet.


 - Don't pee standing up like men because they splish splash all over.

- Don't puke.

-Don't squat like eastern toilets...this isn't a hole in the ground...


... but who do you know would EVER consider fishing in a freakin' toilet?????


To be honest the final instruction also stumped me for a while (Thank goodness Wendy demonstrated so I could get it!!), but I think it is meant to instruct you not to lift your leg like a dog!

Tomorrow is Sacred Valley...


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