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My birthday dinner was a real treat. This is a 4 star guest lodge and I can see how they earned their rating. What fabulous food and service. The presentation was fantastic and the owner himself served us. There were probably at least 15-20 people at dinner, mostly German and Dutch tourists.


They cooked dinner on a wood fire right in the dining room

Smoked salmon, apple and pesto delightfully presented

Then on the left we have a beef filet mignon and on the right it's equivalent in Ostrich - both with mushroom sauce.

Wendy's Note: AMAZE-BALLS!!!!!  Ostrich is my new BFF!!! 

Then what is this? A local birthday tradition with champagne in one hand and a samurai sword in the other.  Apparently I have to knock the top off a bottle of champagne with an ancient sword!  I mastered this in....One...Two...Three..

And on the 4th attempt, there it went! Right off the top and champagne for everyone!  Courtesy of the house!!

Next morning it was time to set off in an open trailer for a farm tour. Well, not me, my lazy ass stayed in bed. In my defense, I wasn't feeling that great as I have had a cold / allergies for several days.  However, Wendy and mom had a great time!!

Man, this sheep dog just cannot WAIT to get at them sheep!!!

And there they are!!!

Look at those dogs go! See who is the boss!

And then there were these guys!

Feeding the critters

Awwww... a baby... can you say "Lamb Chops!"

Ostrich eggs... let me see, breakfast or baby ostrich?? What shall I decide?


Then it was time to hit the road again to spend the night in Hermanus, a quaint seaside village about 100 miles away.

The beach at Hermanus.

Our room and balcony

The Ocean view from our hotel room

And finally...






Need I say anything at all????


Wendy's Note:  At dinner we net a lovely gentlemen from Germany.  While he was "enjoying" South Africa, it was not adventurous enough for him.  When I queried why? he said it is not like Tanzania or Kenya or Namibia where you KNOW YOU ARE IN AFRICA!  He wanted MORE adventure. 

I said, "Perhaps you should go downtown JoBerg at midnight, with all windows down and your wallet dangling from the open window.  You'll be car-jacked at gunpoint in no time.  Would that be enough adventure for you?"

He replied, "This country is just too civilized for me."

For all of you that thought South Africa was a bunch of shanty towns and down and out poverty, ok---in some areas---yes.  This this a beautiful, gorgeous, industrial nation with a 1st world infrastructure.  Technology-wise, they are more advanced than the USA.  There is wealth, there is middle and there is poverty.  Just like the USA.  But here, there are cute blue balled vervet monkeys and cheeky baboons that will steal your lunch around every corner! 

No different than our raccoons at Starkey Park or seagulls at the beach.



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