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Last night we went on a sunset nature drive. The have open 4 x 4 trucks that truly allows you to see all around you. The 2 hour trip included snacks and beers.  (Wendy's Note....AND BILTONG!!!!!)

We saw Onyx along the way, Namibia's National Animal.

The desert is amazing as far as the eye can see

Then it was time for snacks and drinks while we waited for the sun to set.

This morning it was time to head back into the desert to Sossusvlei. This means means "place of water".

We left at 6am to avoid the desert heat which gets brutal after 1pm

The Namib Desert is the oldest desert in the world, it has existed for 55 million years!

It stretches 1600 miles long and over 100 miles wide!

This is Dune 45 - the most photographed sand dune in the world

I'll let the pics speak for themselves...

This is Doodvlei, translated "dead place of water"

The hike to see this got tough in places, but worth it!

It was a 2 km (1.5 mile) hike across VERY soft sand.

We even stopped for a full continental breakfast with a view.

The 6 hour trip was finished off with a visit to Sesriem Canyon and ancient waterway carved out of the earth by the flow of water.  The name of Sesriem is derived from the fact that to reach water six ox thongs water bags were used in old times.

And finally...



Here's what happens when you drive right past the sign that says ONLY 4x4 vehicles beyond this point!

Nope, not even 5 guys could move this front wheel drive only SUV. They had to call a 4x4 truck to drag them out.

Hello $NAB500 Fine!!!



Guess who got charged by an Onyx today? 

Yup...Only Wendy!

This picture was taken about 2 seconds before this Onyx charged Wendy, horns down!!

She squealed like a wild pig and ran for her life, narrowly missing getting a couple serious holes in her butt!


Wish I had that on video!!!! Dammit!!


Wendy's Note: I'm standing there minding MY OWN BUSINESS and 2 Onyx come walking by behind me.  I stay still.  Continuing to take pics of the desert.  And them.  Apparently they are camera shy.  After about 10 minutes this little bastard gets pissed and decides to charge me off his property!


Hello??  We LITERALLY were next to a "long drop" (out house) and there are a gazillion other tourists around. 


I think he wanted to get me for the "Shit Hole" comment.



Copyright ME.  Some of my fav pics of the day





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