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Our final day on the coast we decided to go back to Walvis Bay see more flamingoes and check out the salt pans.

On the left is Swakopmund downtown, no kidding it's a German town!


Here's a truck transporting the salt to the Port. You can see the bright white salt works in the background. On the right the road through the salt pans.


Salt Pans. Namibia was the first country to make salt from sea water evaporation.

Nope they are not kissing, they are disputing territory.

Flamingoes in the desert, interesting concept.

Instead of taking the coastal road back to Swakop we took the inside desert road. 20 miles of one dead straight road, coulda lashed the wheel down and taken a nap!






Paragliding - due to the prevailing desert

wind, easy climb and very soft landing,

the dunes are great for beginners.

Fishing - very long fishing rods are needed as most fishing is done off the beach on a long cast. Strangely they have pole holders in the front of their vehicles and not the back.


Next morning we left at 10 am to undertake the road trip of 265km (225 Miles) to Windhoek. The road is quite interesting as it turns from Desert to African bush gradually (The bush is called Savannah - grassland with trees interspersed, plenty of trees but not close enough to create a canopy).

Our day started by nearly being killed by a cop car and ran off the road by a big rig.  WE ARE AWAKE NOW!!!

So they were moving this abnormally large load on a HUGE truck that took up both lanes, raveling in the opposite direction to us.

Our only heads up was a cop car with lights flashing driving down the middle of the road one wheel in each lane straight towards us. I quickly moved out of it's way and then 5 seconds later round a corner only to see this monster truck taking up BOTH COMPLETE lanes and heading straight for us at over 50mph. I was doing 70mph, slightly below the speed limit. I BARELY had enough time to slam on the brakes and pull into the dirt on the side of the road. PHEW! I almost needed to change my pants!

I guess the cop by driving in the middle of the road was supposed to warn me of what was to come.


To top it all, not an hour later some other idiot heading toward us misjudged how long it would take him to overtake a row of trucks and I once again had to pull into the dirt to avoid a head on collision! Only in Africa.

So for the first hour is was pretty much desert.

Then you start to see tufts of grass and small bushes.

Then more grass and bigger bushes.

Then trees started appearing

No African road trip would be complete without a bunch of goats on the side of the road. We also saw cows and and a few wayward donkeys.

And finally the true African bush.


We finally arrived in Windhoek and checked into our Pension style hotel.

We are here for 2 days, then we fly to Victoria Falls.


And finally...

WARNING, beware of...


... well, I am not sure, but beware of it anyway!


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