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AUSTRALIA - DAY ELEVEN - Road to Port Fairy

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Today was a 120 mile drive to Port Fairy with many stops along the way. First was Otway Lighthouse, but guess what we saw on the access road to the lighthouse? Wild and just hanging out in trees.


Wendy's Note:  OMG!!  Wallaby, Koalas and a Lighthouse BEFORE 10am!  My day is PERFECT!!!

Sleepy Koala Bear!

Entrance to Lighthouse

We got to climb to the top of the lighthouse.

View from the top

Winds were whipping at about 40mph so it was pretty insane at the top.  We stayed to the leeward side.


Then it was time for the famous 12 Apostles - towers created by sea erosion of the silt rock and sandstone, the weakest goes first leaving the strongest standing. In the upper left (below) you can see a recent death of an Apostle.

What an amazing sight! As of now, only 6 of the Apostles are still standing.  But....Mother Nature is a miraculous way of forming and creating new Apostles at any moment!!


Then on to the London Bridge...  In 1989 this was one entire structure.  The first arch to the left collapsed in 1990.

Below - General scenery along the way...

Finally it was time to head to our destination for the night Port Fairy.

Downtown is very cute.  Just 2 blocks, that's it!


As it is my birthday we decided to go out for dinner to a local pub.  Our first meal in a restaurant in two weeks of traveling. 

When you are traveling for as long as six weeks, you can't eat in restaurants every day. Too expensive and too fattening.  So we have been mostly buying groceries  -having a picnic of fresh fruits, bread and cheeses or getting the occasional meat pie for lunch.

I had the rack of lamb, which actually wasn't that great - they used too much pepper. Wendy had the filet mignon which was Blue and not Rare as she ordered.  Oh well.  Once again, the reason we don't eat out often. 

Our hotel room is very, very cute..

Great view too, right on the river

In yesterday's blog I made mention of the flies.  THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!!  It's gross.  It's disgusting.  They are everywhere and swarm on you like a dead corpse.  I know of NO eco-system so reliant of flies that they can't kill off a few gazillion of them. 

Hell, I'm from Africa and the flies are NOTHING compared to Australia. 

And finally...

Camper rental company with the funniest signs!


Really, that sign makes me just WANT to go down and look at the lighthouse... NOT!!!!
Let's see... beware of


1. Pterodactyls

2. Cats with wings

3. Dinosaurs

4. Rhinos


Actually, it is a Bird, Koala, Wallaby/Roo and a Cow that someone has taken a black sharpie and enhanced the critters features!!