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Our last day in Brisbane and our last day in Australia.

We took the free ferry to cross the river and go to Southbank.

I am amazed at how much the Brisbane City Council has spent on green areas for residents. There are parks all over, beautiful parks, bicycle tracks and walkways and swimming pools and all kinds of entertainment and it is mostly FREE!

Brisbane even has FREE Wi-Fi throughout most of downtown. Which of course does not penetrate a hotel room and we had to pay $7.50 a day for internet in our hotel. Totally opposite to the USA where 99% of hotel Wi-Fi is free and most public Wi-Fi hotspots are paid.

I have been to a LOT of cities all over the world and I would say without a shadow of doubt Brisbane has the most beautiful green space and walkways for its residents than any other city I have been to.

Brisbane has a man made beach right downtown where you can relax and swim just like you were at a real beach - and it's FREE! They even provide life guards! There are several other pools including a rock pool. 

There is a walkway winding up the the park alongside the river with beautiful bougainvilleas.

Of course they have a rain forest, why wouldn't they?  That makes TWO rain forests!  One on the north bank and one on the south bank!

And a Nepalese pagoda

This picture is called - Find Wendy!

Then it was time for a ride on the Wheel of Brisbane!

A walk on the pedestrian/cycle bridge... this city does revolve around cyclists, the bike tracks are everywhere and in many places they have right of way! Also, every single person I saw on a bike was dressed for the part. No one wears simple shorts and t-shirt when cycling, nope, they have the full skinny cycle pants, shirt, helmet, etc. looking like they are about ready for the Tour de France!!

Strange trees dropping roots from their branches...

Sandwiches and beer for lunch.  A wonderfully grilled chicken with brie and cranberry - - YUM!!!  I love how every cafe puts their chips (fries) in mini fry baskets!

Once again, walkways everywhere!!! Built out over the water!

Interesting sculptures of pelicans with a city backdrop...


Finally it was time for Wendy's Great Adventure - rappelling (abseiling as it's called in the Commonwealth).

That's a long way up (about 60ft)!!!!

And there she goes!

Looking like a pro...

And safe on the ground!

And you ask why I did not participate? Yeah, right! I did abseiling 25 years ago, once, and that was enough!


Wendy's Note - THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!  The guide asked if I wanted to go again.  I would have, but my hands hurt from grasping so hard it took nearly an hour for the feeling to come back!  LOL